About Devold

Devold of Norway is one of the world´s oldest outdoor brands and provides high quality wool garments for outdoor lovers, explorers and professionals working in demanding environments

Established on the rough Norwegian West Coast in 1853, the company has spent over 160 years of research and development with one goal in mind: to provide you with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection. Driven by innovation with a focus on quality, Devold continues to be a pioneer when it comes to developing the use of Merino wool. Today Devold offers a broad collection of baselayers, mid-layers and outer layers for year-round outdoor activity.

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Our story begins in the days of the first great Polar expeditions. For generations, on land and at sea we have provided famous explorers and hard-working North Sea fishermen alike with Devold® woollen garments. That is over 160 years of research and development with one goal in mind, to provide you with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection. This is only possible through using wool of the highest quality. Our long Merino fibres will not itch and provide durable yet soft garments. A miracle of nature for all to enjoy.

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At Devold’s factory in Lithuania, more than 300 skilled employees take care of knitting, cutting, sewing, assembly, and production inspection. More than 20 quality inspections are carried out, ensuring that Devold’s standards of quality are maintained throughout the entire production process, and with no exceptions.

Devold value traceability and transparency. By being hands on throughout the entire value chain, we ensure that ethical guidelines are followed, that local regulations are complied with, and that products always are of the high quality that we and our customers demand.


CSR - made by us in Europe

Good environment for the sheep makes for good quality wool. To ensure full control over animal welfare in our value chain, we decided to buy “raw wool” or so called “wool tops” directly from farms that we have a long-term commitment with. This is untreated wool, that are further processed into the finished thread - this is not done by us, but handled by the same agent that ensures the deal with the farms. This quality strategy makes us one of very few brands with 100 per cent control of the entire supply chain – from shearing of the sheep, to carding, spinning, dyeing, sewing, design and assembly. The wool is bought from farms in New Zealand and the handling happens in our own production facilities in Lithauania, Europe.

Devold has partnered with a selection of farmers, and follows the process closely from the shearing of the sheep until the wool arrives at Devold’s European production facilities, and the products are ready for the stores. This ensures full traceability, from finished product back to each farm the wool originates from. Only biodegradable materials are used in the process. No heavy metals or other short cuts. We only want pure, soft wool.


Mulesing is the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech of a sheep. This method eliminates the problem associated with the Australian Blowfly, but it is also a method that inflict great suffering to the sheep. Devold strongly dissociates from this method and we guarantee that your Devold is mulesing free.

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