Why wool?

In cold weather, or when you are active and are sweating, what you wear next to your skin is especially important.

Merino fibre is nature’s own miracle, making it possible to produce garments that can absorb and release moisture, to cool down or heat up your body as needed. You warm up quickly, but because of the exceptional breathability of merino wool fabrics, you will not overheat. These qualities make pure merino wool garments ideal for most activities – in all kinds of weather, throughout every season.


Moisture absorption

Merino wool insulates you from cold and keeps you warm even when you become damp or wet. Merino wool is highly hydrophilic and can absorb large amounts of moisture, especially compared to synthetic fibres. This means that a garment made of pure merino wool can absorb moisture equivalent to 35 % of its net weight without feeling wet or clammy. Furthermore, wool actually generates heat when it absorbs moisture, so that even damp wool garments will keep you warm. By using wool next to your skin, you greatly reduce the risk of hypothermia. You will notice this especially if you are active and have been sweating, and stop to rest.

Insulation ability

Garments of merino wool insulate extremely well. Merino fibres are highly crimped, and their fuzzy structure traps millions of tiny air pockets within the fabric. These air pockets lock in body heat, creating a protective buffer against the cold.

Temperature control

Merino wool works naturally with your body’s heating and cooling system. It regulates your temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture. When conditions are cold and the dry, wool absorbs moisture and triggers a process whereby the fabric generates heat (called “heat of sorption”). In a warm environment, your merino garment will regulate your temperature through “cooling by evaporation”. This is the same principle our body uses: it produces sweat to cool us down. In this manner wool regulates your body temperature, and helps you to keep a steady and comfortable temperature in all kinds of weather.

Odour control

Merino wool has a permanent natural resistance to microbial growth and odour retention. Garments may be worn for
several days without smelling. The reason is a combination of the merino wool’s excellent ability to quickly absorb our sweat and evaporate it, and the fibres’ uneven and negatively-charged surface. Odour-causing bacteria prefer the exposed flat, positively-charged surface of synthetic fibres. Most synthetic fibres actually increase body odour because they create a breeding ground for bacteria.


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