Devold Tribute Sweater

100 % organic Merino wool

Our constant quest to find the world's very best Merino wool, has taken us to Argentina where we are sourcing 100 % organic Merino wool. The sheep roaming freely over the vast grasslands of Patagonia are looked after by a Gaucho - an Argentine cowboy. In Patagonia we met one of these men. Tomas Wesley, manager at Estancia Pilcaneu in Patagonia, who rides alone all year long, watching over the sheep and looking after the soil, which is free from any pesticides and fertilizers. 

As a tribute to Tomas and his fellow gauchos, we have created a sweater to the original pattern of the sweater handknitted for Tomas. We call it Tribute.

The organic merino wool travels from the endless pampas of Patagonia to our own mill in Europe. Where the skilled hands of our craftspeople and their relentless attention to detail ensures that Devold products are of uncompromising quality.

The journey continues through our test lab in the rugged Norwegian mountains. But it all starts with our designers and product developers who are constantly pioneering new innovations in wool. They challenge and push the boundaries of what is possible with this all-natural fibre, creating products that are made to endure the forces of nature and be one with it.  

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