Aleksander Gamme

Age: 40

Home base: Oslo

Work: Polar explorer, adventurer and media profile.

Favorite place: Neither the North or the South pole, but the skate hall in Oslo!


"I have been working with Devold for over 10 years, so these products have been with me to the South Pole, the Sahara desert, Las Vegas and sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. I can´t say I´ve experienced with much else, but I still think Devold is the best quality out there" - Aleksander Gramme

• First person to ski round-trip to the South Pole without replenishment of food. The world´s longest ski trip.

• Have climbed several high mountains around the world including the Mount Everest, the Troll Wall and Jøtulkyrkja in Antarctica.

• Base jumper and extreme sports athlete.

• Have written several books from his adventures.

• On TV with: Oppdrag Nansen, Familiefryd and Drømmeturer (Norway)

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