Maja Odden

Age: 19

Home: Arendal, South of Norway

Work: Hunter

Favorite place: Deep in the woods or the mountains.

1. What do you hunt?

I normally hunt roe deer, deer, moose, fox, badger, hare, dove and beaver throughout a year.

2. Do you count how many animals you've shot?

I haven't really shot that many! Even though roe deer hunting is my favorite, I´ve only shot two of them. I´ve had several chances though, but on our island we don´t shoot female roe deers, and we ´ve had som bad luck and only encountered females while on watch. I´ve also shot one deer, three foxes, and a dove. (Does a badger caught with a knife count?)

3. What´s so appealing about hunting?

What I truly love is being out in the wilderness or in the mountains. To shoot an animal is the goal, but even though I don´t reach my goal the experience is never disappointing. The outdoor experience itself is worth so much more! I´m also very concerned about how the hunt is happening. To shoot an animal from the kitchen window doesn't give me anything. But to work your way up a mountain like in the Sunnmøre Alps or Etne, to experience the most beautiful scenery, and then be able to shoot an animal and bring home the meat; that's what I call a perfect hunt. On top of this the friendships and sense of belonging that comes with hunting is a big part of what makes it so great.

4. What's challenging about hunting?

A lot of things are challenging. It's challenging to be be exposed in media when you hunt and you have to deal with a lot of hate due to lack of understanding. In my experience female hunters get more hate on the internet than male hunters because it´s not really accepted to be a hunter and a girl. But it´s definately changing and there are slowly coming more girls into the field. I've learned to not care about the negative comments concerning my hunting profile. To be a young hunter is also challenging. I don´t have the same experience as the rest of the hunting team, but I do what I can to absorb as much information as possible. I also get a lot of support from family and friends who want to help make me a better hunter and broaden my outdoor experience.

5. Favorite type of hunt?

I love roe deer hunting on the island that I live, Flosta. Here I hunt with my dad and two of my brothers along with other friends who are a part of our hunting team.

6. How long have you been hunting?

I've always been interested in hunting and animals, as I grew up with my dad as a keen hunter. But my brothers were always prioritized when it came down to the actual hunt, and I would watch from the sideline. Ironically enough the general understanding in my family was that GIRLS DON´T HUNT. However when I was in 6th grade I had already finished all of the hunting books required to get my hunting license, and turning 13 my dad gave in and I got to take the test. After that I was out as much as I could with my dad, and by now I don´t think there´s any doubt about who is the most keen hunter in our family.

7. And when you don't hunt?

Even when I don´t hunt, I spend most of my time outside in the woods anyway. Me, my dog and my dad always go for a walk in the evenings to check out ”status quo” when it comes to the amount of animals on the island. I also normally have some projects going on, right now I´m building a shelter! I do stuff with friends occasionally; like girl´s night in or go out on town, it just doesn't happen that often. Right now I also work as an apprentice in a kinder garden, but next year I will take the year off to focus on entirely on hunting.

8. Any goals?

My dream is to be able to live off of hunting and to inspire others to learn about the whole hunting experience; the animals, the nature they're in, handling the meat etc. The only goal I have is to keep doing what I do today.

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