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More about Devold

Our mill

Accuracy. Precision. Control. At our eco-certified factory in Lithuania, we have control of every stage of the process. Our production is not based on groundbreaking volumes. Instead, each woollen garment is woven, sewn and carefully checked by people who enjoy their work.
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A choice for nature

Our oceans are littered with billions of particles of plastic. Though they aren’t usually thrown away as casually as plastic bottles or carrier bags, they’re just as harmful to the environment. We barely give a moment’s thought to our clothes breaking down because we can’t see the process with the naked eye.
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Our ambassadors

The Norwegians are a people that has always lived in harmony with nature. Being outside and enjoying nature, seeking stillness, and breathing in the clean air are part of the Norwegian soul. This is true despite our living in a rough and rugged country, in climes where most of the world would hardly consider the outdoors inviting.
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We launched our “Sheep to Shop” programme in 2017 with a pledge of full traceability and total transparency at every step of our value chain.
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How to make wool last

Did you know that wool is self-cleaning, and should preferably be hung out to air instead of washing in the washing machine? To take care of your woollen garments, here are a few simple tips.
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Our own value chain

Our production is like an open book: each garment has its own story that you can trace all the way back to the sheep that produced the wool. We take you on a journey from sheep grazing on large swathes of land, to proud farmers who share our passion for quality, on to wool washing and spinning, and to our own Oeko-Tex-certified factory in Europe, where our garments are knitted by the happy people working for us.
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Can you create an outer garment that is wind- and water-resistant from 100% natural materials? The answer is: “Yes”. We have been driven by a passion for wool since 1853. For almost two centuries, we’ve explored wool for the natural, yet incredible, properties that this material has to offer.
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Our origins

The year was 1853, the place was the weather-beaten coastline of Western Norway. The newly trained industrialist Ole Andreas Devold returned home (Ă…lesund) from Germany full of optimism.
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