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It´s a choice

We make choices every day. Big choices and smaller choices. Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroad, where the choices we make become crucial to our future.

100 % traceability

All Devold garments are traceable, with more than 60 % being traceable all the way back to the exact farm that produced the wool. See for yourself, on your garment’s label!

84 % natural

That’s the percentage of wool used to produce Devold’s collections. In addition to wool, we use natural, degradable materials such as Tencel, but for some garments – such as socks – we blend in some synthetics to make them more durable and elastic. We work to make all synthetic materials degradable.

-20% plastic and cardboard

Since 2018, we’ve reduced plastic packaging by 20% and the amount of cardboard by 26% in our production.

97% from our own factory

Almost all of our garments are manufactured in our own factory. To reduce our carbon footprint, we’ll try to move all of our production to our factory in Lithuania.

90% land and sea transport

Although we transport merino wool across large distances, we mainly use transport by sea or land.

100% recycled

All of our cut-offs from our textile production is recycled. These go into new products.

Environmentally certified

Our factory is certified according to IMO 140001, Oeko-Tex and follows the EU's REACH standard. All products are Oeko-Tex certified and our subcontractors follow our Code of Conduct.

Animal welfare

The quality of wool depends on how the animals have been treated, which is why "The Five Freedoms for Animal Welfare" is at the core of the farmers we work with.

Your clothes are made here

Our production is not about groundbreaking quantities. It's about every single wool garment being knitted, sewn and carefully controlled by people who thrive at work. Our factory in Lithuania employs over 300 people who are passionate about quality.