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Five good reasons to wear wool in the summer

Everyone knows that wool is the most essential winter wardrobe item. But did you know that summer is also high season for wool? Here are five good reasons to wear wool in the summer.

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Turns around the idea that wool is uncomfortable

You may remember the old wool sweater from your years as a toddler when winter was a dreaded time because of all the uncomfortable clothes you had to put on. Fortunately, much has happened with wool products since then.
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7 good reasons to wear wool when running

Wearing wool while training is not only better for the environment, it’s also better for you. You only have to wear wool once to know it would be difficult to return to synthetic training clothes.
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A choice for nature

Our oceans are littered with billions of particles of plastic. Though they aren’t usually thrown away as casually as plastic bottles or carrier bags, they’re just as harmful to the environment. We hardly ever give a moment’s thought to our clothes breaking down because we can’t see the process with the naked eye.
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